Properties of Sodium Chloride

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Of sodium chloride is the chemical formula of sodium chloride NaCl.The property is unique, very interesting study.

Salt is used as a preservative since ancient times. Salt in the land of China, was first discovered as early as 6000 BC. Egyptian businessmen have begun to export salt, Phoenicians, since 2800 BC. Egyptians used salt in their funeral products. Some sources revealed an interesting fact that, in ancient times, the soldiers were paid in salt. It is this precious substance, Mahatma Gandhi led the Dandi procession. The result of the march, the behavior of the British rulers had to cancel, by increasing the solidarity between the peoples.

Sources of salt
The salt is a large-scale. This is a gift of nature to human beings. This is present in the mineral known as sodium chloride. Of sodium chloride is also known as rock salt. In Dead Sea salt content up to 34%. Was found in the Salt Lake of sodium chloride in the form of mixed evaporation. Sometimes, it is recovered from the mine. It is produced in a large number of mined rock salt. It is also by the evaporation of seawater salt lake brine wells.

Salts of different forms of
The unrefined salt, refined salt, and brine, a salt of the existing forms. Salt bath additives and cosmetics production from unrefined. The purified salt was prepared by recrystallization of the starting salt. Added as anti-caking agent in the brine solution the ferrocyanide, because it is able to absorb moisture hygroscopic chemical. This can prevent the mutual adhesion of the salt crystals. The table salt having a 60% to 99% of sodium chloride. Table salt true density of 2.165 grams per cubic centimeter, while the bulk density of 1.154 grams per cubic centimeter.

The disadvantage of salt
The salt can irritate the eyes and skin. More than the consumption of salt can lead to high blood pressure. Heartburn or heartburn, which means burning sensation or pain in the chest, and also more than the adverse effects of the consumption of salt. A large number of salt intake, and within a very short period of time, may result in death. Hypertension, gastric cancer, and osteoporosis is common salt and other health problems.

There are a variety of uses sodium chloride. Cooking is the main purpose of the salt. It can also be used to make the soap and detergent. A salt of paper production. The textile industry to use salt to set the dye. From sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium carbonate, can be prepared. The salt is used as a cleaning agent and a shampoo. Salts containing iodine, which is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Salt modulating the water content in the human body. Sea salt contribute to cloud formation. Prepare the salt from the sea, bath additives and cosmetic products. Epsom salts relax the body, as a painkiller, to prevent blood clotting.

Therefore, common salt is the importance of the human. Sodium sulfates, carbonates and hydroxides also useful for our day-to-day activities, not only because of their utilitarian nature.

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