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Preservatives refers to natural or synthetic chemical composition, used to add food, medicines, pigment, biological specimen, etc, in order to delay microbial growth or chemical changes in which the corruption.It belongs to food additives.

The effect of preservatives:
Preservatives main role is to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, to extend the storage time of food, pharmaceutical inhibitor of corruption. Food preservatives to inhibit microbial activity, to prevent food spoilage, thereby extending the shelf life of food. Most drinks and packaged food you want long-term preservation, often have to add a food preservative. Preservatives are used to maintain the original quality and nutritional value of food for the purpose of food additives, it can inhibit microbial activity, to prevent food spoilage and prolong shelf life. Require the use of the preservative Calcium Propionate、Natamycin、Nisin、Potassium Sorbate 25 species.

What food preservatives on human health, whether the harm?
Foodchem’s food preservatives, all have low toxicity and safety of high variety. They have been in use before a large number of scientific experiments, animal husbandry and toxicity testing and identification of toxicity has been confirmed on the human body does not produce any acute, sub acute or chronic hazards.

Of course, the food preservative is also a “double-edged sword”, also has the potential to bring some people’s health problems, there will be some improper use of side effects. Even as the internationally recognized as one of the safety of preservatives, sorbic acid and potassium sorbate, excessive intake can also affect the balance of human metabolism.

How to exclude preservatives harm?
Preservatives is the most controversial types of food additives, a variety of food preservatives to long-term preservation needs, and people on the use of preservatives and there is worry. Therefore, users need a clear preservative should meet the following criteria:
 1, the rational use of harmful to human health;
 2, does not affect the digestive tract flora;
 3, the degradation in the digestive tract may be the normal ingredients for the food;
 4, does not affect the use of antibiotic drugs;
 5, heat treatment of food does not produce harmful ingredients.

What are the Preservatives product foodchem company?
Foodchem company has kinds of preservatives.You can click “Preservatives” to know more about preservatives infomations.

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